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The Swiss pediatric liver center - Who are we ?


It is in this spirit that we care for children and we try to meet the many challenges every day!

Parents, paediatricians, coordinators, doctors, nurses, donors and many internal and external partners: every link in the chain is essential to take care of children attending the Center.

The Center is above all a united, multidisciplinary and a very supportive team!

It is all together, hand in hand, that we can heal and continue to be the center of reference that we are.

It is with all our heart and on behalf of the children that we would like to thank you all warmly.

Pr Barbara Wildhaber & Pr Valérie McLin

Who are we?

Geneva University Hospitals (Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève (HUG)) and its Children’s Hospital are the headquarters of the National Center and provide care for children with liver disease.
Whether it involves performing a diagnosis or finding the best treatment, we are here to help you with the care of your child.

More than 200 children have undergone transplantation in Geneva since 1989. Their survival rate of more than 90% is one of the highest in Europe.

Today, nearly 300 families from all over Switzerland and abroad are monitored at the Center and come to get treatment for their liver disease.

We strive to collaborate closely with other key players who care for your child: your pediatrician, your pediatric gastroenterologist, the referring regional center – and yourself.

It is through this collaboration that we can offer you and your child advanced, professional and warm care.

Key figures 2018-2020 - Swiss pediatric liver center
Annual report 2017 - Swiss pediatric liver center

Our team

The team consists of many stakeholders in the medical and surgical treatments specific to pediatric liver diseases, which is why the HUG has been recognized at the national level as the reference center for hepatobiliary diseases in children.

Pr. Barbara Wildhaber, Chief Medical Officer of the Pediatric Surgery Division and Pr. Valérie McLin, Attending Physician in the Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Pediatric Nutrition Unit are the two managers of the Center.

The activity of the Center is essentially multidisciplinary, both from the point of view of medical disciplines and professional skills.

Click here to access photos of our team, as well as the list of our internal partners.