Near the Children's Hospital we have fee-based housing ranging from 2 to 3 rooms (the kitchen is counted in Geneva as a room) for children (who are sick or who have a transplanted liver) and their families near the Children's Hospital. You can walk there. We can give you a map to show you where the housing is located.

The rates are as follows: CHF 30.00 for a one-night stay, CHF 25.00 per night for a two to five-night stay and CHF 15.00 per night for a longer stay.

We ask that you book your accommodations by phone or email as soon as you know that your child will be hospitalized in Geneva.

Contact information for the association that manages the housing:

Association for assistance to a child undergoing transplantation and the family [Association pour l’aide à l’enfant greffé et à sa famille (APAEG)
Georgette Genton
Tel.: +41 22 793 69 38
Please make your booking via email to Ms. Genton of the APAEG:

In case of unavailability, Ronald McDonald Houses offer studios starting at CHF 20.00 per night and rooms starting at CHF 15.00 per night. These accommodations are close to the Children’s Hospital and you can walk there.

Ronald McDonald House
Avenue de la Roseraie 53
1205 Geneva
Tel.: +41 22,382 86 01
Fax: +41 22,382 86 03

Feel free to consult our little information guide regarding meals, housing and transportation:


No, but you can leave it in a fee-based underground parking lot (the Cluse parking lot is the closest, 200 meters from the Children's Hospital).


You can also park in the Migros parking lot at Rue Dancet 21 or leave your car in a P+R parking lot (less expensive than the Cluse/Lombard parking lot), with the closest being the Bout-du-Monde parking lot (Route de Vessy 12).

Meals are not offered to parents in the Division. However, you can eat in the cafeteria of the Children's Hospital which is open from Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

In addition, there are many restaurants near the Hospital and supermarkets (Coop, Migros, etc.) 300-500 meters from the Hospital.

A microwave oven is also available in the kitchen on the floor to heat dishes.

Feel free to consult our little information guide below:

Yes, a cot is made available to you. However, only one parent is allowed to stay overnight at the hospital.

If your child is registered for invalidity insurance (AI), all outpatient and hospital expenses are covered for the pathology concerned. 

If your child does not benefit from the AI, the outpatient treatment is reimbursed as part of the basic health insurance benefits (KVG/LAMal), after deduction of the deductible and contribution (10% of the dependent expenses) up to a maximum of CHF 350 per year.

Children (or young adults in training aged 19 to 25) do not pay the daily contribution to the cost of hospital accommodation (food, accommodation).

Feel free to contact the team and the department's social worker if you have any questions.