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Should I immediately go to the Children's Hospital or to my pediatrician?

Your child is considered to have a fever if its temperature is higher than

  • 38°C during the first year after the transplant
  • 38.5°C after this

First, remove your child's clothes and give it a bath with the water half a degree below its temperature. You can give them paracetamol (Dafalgan®, for example).

If the fever persists despite these measures, call your pediatrician or take your child [1]directly to the closest Children’s Hospital.

What medicines should be given in case of fever or pain after the transplant?

In case of fever or pain, it is recommended to give/use only paracetamol, Dafalgan®, Panadol®, BenUron®, etc.

CAUTION: Do not give Ibuprofen®, Algifor®, Irfen®, Brufen®, Nurofen®, etc., from the NSAID family (= non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) because of the risk of renal failure.

If these medications are prescribed to you, refuse them. Please feel free to contact the Center in case of doubt.