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Our donors and associations

CIt is only through the generous support of private donors, associations and foundations that we have been able to achieve the objectives in many of our projects.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank them wholeheartedly and to express our heartfelt gratitude.

And a generous sponsor advised by CARIGEST SA.


Association for assistance to a child undergoing transplantation and his family [Association pour l’aide à l’enfant greffé et à sa famille (APAEG)]

Ms Georgette Genton
Chemin des Pâquerettes 7
1213 Petit-Lancy – CH
Tel. : + 41 22 793 69 38
Email : g.genton@bluewin.ch

Children's Liver Disease Association - Association Maladies foie de l’enfant (AMFE)

Ms Hélène Gaillard
Rue Edgar Quinet 27
92240 Malakoff – F
Tel. : +33 6 75 55 91 65
Fax : +33 1 47 55 03 61

Association of Parents of Children with Liver Disease - Association des parents d’enfants malade du foie (EVLK)

Ms Regula Düggeli
Ebenrainweg 13
4450 Sissach – CH
Tel. : +41 61 331 27 09
Email : info@evlk.ch

TACKERS - Transplant adventure camps for kids

TACKERS brings together children from around the world who have undergone transplantation to participate in camps, where they meet other children who have had the same experiences.

Mme Liz Schick
Case Postale 12
1972 Anzère – CH

MAHANA for kids

Fund to help children with liver disease and their families.

M. Patrick Terrapon
Av. du Grand-Salève 15
1255 Veyrier – CH
Tel.: +41 79 941 44 00
Email : info@mahana4kids.ch

Pediatric Liver Disease Association - Verein Leberkrankes Kind e.V. (Allemagne)

Swiss HePa

Carina Bobzin
Keltenstr. 10
8125 Zollikerberg
Tel.: +41 43 542 21 20
Email: info@swisshepa.org


Swisstransplant is the national body responsible for organ donation. Swisstransplant maintains a national list of transplants and connects people who need a transplant with organ donors.

When the need for a transplant is approved for your child, they are placed on the Swisstransplant waiting list.