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Our internal partners

This list is by no means exhaustive and there are also many other collaborators from other departments and units working with the Center!

Pediatric surgery division

Transplant surgery division

Pediatric specializations division

General pediatrics division

Pediatric intensive care division

Clinical pathology division

Pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition division

Pediatric onco-hematology unit

Pediatric radiology unit

Interventional radiology unit

Pediatric anesthesiology unit

Pediatric pulmonology unit

Pediatric infectious diseases unit

Gastroenterology and hepatology division

Pediatric nephrology unit

Hypnosis in pediatrics
Responsable: Prof. Claire-Anne Siegrist

Intern physicians at the center
Dr Myriam Salamoni, Dr Vanessa Steger, Dr. Federico Barooty

Monica Gosselke, medical secretary

Simona Korff, clinical research coordinator; Sarah Lachat

Cristina Späni Marguet, Communication specialist

Social Work
Céline Prost, social assistant