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  • What precautions should we take in regard to diet?

Up to 3 months after a liver transplant

  • Raw meat and cold meats, raw fish and smoked salmon, and raw eggs are forbidden.
  • Marbled cheeses (like Roquefort) or that have a mold/washed rind (like Camembert / Vacherin Mont d’Or) are prohibited. 
  • All pasteurized cheeses are allowed (Gruyère, Vacherin Fribourgeois, Emmental, Babybel, etc.), even cheese that says "raw milk" on the package.
  • Milk must be pasteurized or UHT. No raw milk from the farm.
  • All other drinks and tap water are allowed.

After and throughout the rest of the person’s life

  • Grapefruit (fruit, juice, multifruit juice) and bitter orange (= Seville orange, used for jam, in syrup, candied with chocolate) are not allowed because they are incompatible with taking  tacrolimus or cyclosporine.

    Be reassured: an accidental intake (for example in a multifruit juice) is not serious and does not lead to immediate or long-term consequences.